Over 15 years, from 50,000 surveys Digital Business insights (DBi) has tracked the way organisations use information and communication technology (ICT), identifying “best of breed” solutions for business sectors and creating more than 120 x 15-minute video workshops and case studies illustrating the benefits of using technology.

Working with government, corporate and not-for-profit partners, DBi has now developed a range of interconnected web-based platforms – “toolboxes’ - which incorporate partner programs, case studies, workshops, reports, blogs, forums, events, video interviews and other training resources.

The toolboxes can be configured for sectors, regions and issues of all kinds. They can support and deliver programs from partners as well as manage events, forums, collaboration and engagement between partners and their customers.

Manufacturing is the first sector configured, with more sectors in the pipeline. All toolboxes can share content and resources both within and between platforms encouraging collaboration, sharing value, delivering “more for less” and reducing “reinvention”.

Toolboxes can be configured to support the economic focus of a region, a supply chain or an issue eg startup support.